Network Hospital of Solution

                            Release time:2017-04-15

                            Network hospital of solution

                            The mode of network hospital based on cloud platform is a new medical mode firstly established in China by New Element through cooperation with large III-level hospitals. In essence, on large hospital and by telemedicine monitoring technology, establish network hospitals, conduct telemedicine monitoring and provide service by general practitioner, offering the patients a full-course health management mode of "medical-seeking inside the hospital + network health care outside the hospital".

                            What is network hospital? 

                                ●  Distribute the patients in order and conduct hierarchic care for disease status

                                -Formulate hierarchic management standard of various diseases

                                -Acute diseases shall be settled by the corresponding specialists

                                -Chronic diseases will be handled by specialists for a treatment schemes, while general practitioners are responsible for long-term monitoring and health managers out-hospital personalized management

                                -Health management and disease prevention of sub-health people are accomplished by health managers and general practitioners

                                ●  Construction of hierarchic medical team

                                -A team with different layers of specialist, general practitioner and health manager

                                ●  Effective interaction between doctors in the hospital and groups of people outside the hospital

                            Who provide service of network hospitals?

                            Clinic: disease/ chronic disease health monitoring

                            In-patient: monitoring in the hospital/ pre-operation and post-operation monitoring

                            Medical examination: health management after examination

                            Turn-key management scheme for medical examination group of people

                            Cases of network hospitals

                            The first network hospital in China--Network Hospital of Shenzhen People's Hospital

                            In 2011, initiated by Shenzhen People's Hospital and primarily involved and implemented by New Element Medical Care, the project of "Establishment and application demonstration of Shenzhen Network Health Care Center based on cloud platform" was listed as key innovation and livelihood project. In 2013, Shenzhen People's Hospital established the first network hospital in Shenzhen and even in China which implementing the full-course health management mode of "medical-seeking inside the hospital + chronic disease network health care outside the hospital". It aimed at maximizing resources and functions of public hospitals, changing medical-seeking mode by network technology, helping patients realize "slight illnesses can be cured within the community and serious diseases can be cured within Shenzhen", extending medical care services and humanistic concern. In December 2015, National Health and Family Planning Commission granted Shenzhen People's Hospital the title of "Year 2015 Innovation Service Model Hospital". Up to March 2017, registered users of Network Hospital of Shenzhen People's Hospital have been beyond 1,000,000.

                            The first network rehabilitation hospital in China--Network Rehabilitation Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital

                            In 2015, Network Rehabilitation Hospital jointly established by New Element Medical Care and Guangdong Provincial Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital went into operation, the first network hospital in China in the rehabilitation field. In order to provide full-course, intelligent, personalized and self-service network services, New Element has created a new mode for it, namely "health specialist + rehabilitation specialist + general practitioner". Through providing patients-centered services and resolving patients' problems from multiple dimensions, New Element has created an all-around service system inside and outside the hospital. Meanwhile it has also extended the high-quality resources of Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital to enterprises, communities and families by the mode of "network rehabilitation hospital + rehabilitation station (medical union)", allowing quality service both in-hospital and out-hospital to improve patients' living quality.


                            The first specialized cloud hospital federation--Tsinghua Changgung Hospital hepatobiliary cloud hospital federation

                            In 2016, "Tsinghua Changgung international hepatobiliary cloud hospital federation" was established in Beijing. With Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Center of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital took the lead and supported by the technology of Shenzhen New Element Health Management Co., Ltd., the hospital alliance will integrate medical resources for hepatobiliary diseases of hospitals at all levels and establish a system of hierarchic diagnosis and treatment and health management of hepatobiliary diseases to provide domestic and overseas hepatobiliary disease patients precise medical care services beyond time and space and with wide covering. It is the first specialized cloud hospital alliance in China. The first groups of medical institutions joining in Tsinghua Changgung international hepatobiliary cloud hospital federation include 26 provincial hospitals, covering Beijing, Hainan, Xinjiang, Hunan, Shandong, Ningxia, Sichuan, Guangzhou, Lanzhou and Nanjing, etc.