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                            New Element  Healthcare Management Group established in 2005 is a leading brand of great health management in China. Currently, it has been transformed from focus of manufacturing and marketing enterprise of traditional medical devices into forming platform ......

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                            Shenzhen New Element Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd

                            Shenzhen New Element Health Management Co., Ltd.

                            Shenzhen New Element Chinese Medical Center Co., Ltd

                            Shenzhen New Element Exercise Rehabilitation Management Co., Ltd

                            Shenzhen New Element Clinic Co., Ltd

                            Shenzhen New Element BUCM Life Science Health Industry Co., Ltd.

                            Hesi Kaier Intelligent Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.


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                            Leaders of General Office of the State Council and Provincial and Municipal Authorities Visit the Headquarters of New Element

                            On December 14, leaders and experts of Supervision and Inspection Office of General Office of the St...

                            Internet + Chronic Disease Shall be Practically Implemented, New Element Overcomes Industrial Obstacles

                            According to the latest statistics by National Health and Family Planning Commission, China has over...

                            New Element Chronic Management Won Health China "Health Management and Promotion Mode Innovation Award" in 2016

                            From December 26-27, 2016, jointly hosted by China Health Care Association and the People's Governme...

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